Our Mission

Seek out established churches that are struggling to provide Christian-based education to their community help the church establish a council to oversee Christian School Along with the Council develop a plan to make the Christian School possible and successful provided the needed infrastructure for a viable Christian School (building, desks, educational materials). Along with council develop a plan for a church, school to become financially self-sufficient and sustainable by finding and funding the start up a business they can operate themselves.
During this process, continue to bring teams to work on church and community programs (bible school, adult/youth Christian programs, medical/dental education & programs, sanitation, water quality, etc.) Our first goal is to be actively working with 5 churches/communities at a time all at different stages of development. As one is passed on, another will be added. At TLOLM we realize that the best way for our children to have a chance is to give them an education. That’s why The Light of Life Ministries (TLOLM) team is committed to the education of the Haitian children. In 2016-2017 school year calendar with your generous gift, we were able to send more than twenty kids to school. Our goal is to build our own school and the ability to provide a good/base Christian school.  The Light of Life Ministries is also starting to work in other communities. Our progress is dependent on funding will also conduct Bible School for children, share in Bible Study with adults, and develop incoming generating skills and many other projects while in the villages. But most important is spending time with and loving them!!Please consider becoming partners with us as we have hopes to expand our reach in the Grand Sud of Haiti.  Want more information on how you or church can get involves   Please contact us
People accepting Christ